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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Thank You MuseItHOT Cover Artist Carolina Bensler

Mega thanks to Carolina Bensler for her spot-on brilliant cover for my first erotic: Gift Giving Done Right.

I think it's just perfect.

You can find Carolina's work at:  OHHHHH, I so need to get my scare hat on! Creepy covers, too!

Now, here's my Carolina Bensler Masterpiece:

My MuseitHOT Page

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My First

There are so many firsts. First crush. First love. First "time."

GIFT GIVING DONE RIGHT is my first erotic/heat writing attempt. I'm hoping you'll like it. I'm hoping the new stories of Bonnie and Boris come about as easily as this first one did.

No, Theadora is not my real name. It's an image of two actors I've liked over the years, actors I haven't shared with anyone and I'm not sharing now.

I'm not ashamed or embarrassed about writing this genre, but I am aware my readers of my other stories may not be comfortable with this side of my personality...which is perfectly fine. In fact, I love that I can put on my Thea hat and run wild.

It's fun to put on new hats.

Now that I have you here, I'll leave you hanging for my next post where maybe you'll meet Bonnie and Boris.

Thanks and Toodaloo