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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Erotic Genre: How real can/should you be?

Sex with a ghost isn’t very real – unless you truly believe.

Sex with a werewolf? Vampire? Okay, way stranger images are coming to mind now.

I’m thinking the nitty-gritty. Basic human beings. How real should the sex be?


Is the erotic audience ready for the turn-on, fantasy, reality, escape, wishful thinking and/or do they want it down and real?

How is real – sexy? Is the mundane ever sexy? Do we secretly want our erotic read to be relatable as we pretend to friends it’s really fantasy we’re after?

Does this mean we can feel rejected by a book’s hot lover just because we think we’re inadequate? Do beautifully perfect people scare us – maybe they want us?

The truth is, as it is for all writing, be real to the story you’re telling, nothing less or nothing much more is ever needed. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

General: Thoughts on short story writing

They’re over before you have a chance to get bored with the writing. Or, bored with the reading.

Problem – they’re over before you want them to be. Or, need them to be.

I find short stories easier to write. It’s due to my natural urge to rush through the ending. Why I become bored I don’t understand. I feel the need to write and have a vivid imagination, but I always hit a point in which I find myself rushing. Maybe I need to plan more.

This is why short stories, so far, appear to work for me. I try to give as much as I can and still maintain the requirements of short writing.

Shorts allow for more formula writing. More point-form aspects of what is needed and mindful of the word count. Not as much fullness or spreading out of points.

But, it would be great to be able to write longer sections to a full novel – get to spend more time with these mind-friends of mine.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing the Children

Why write erotic and have the characters have children? Isn’t bringing in children counterproductive to a sex-filled story – an eww factor?

In my youth there was a talk/variety show that once had a relationship expert on. The show actually put up a warning and had the teen guest leave the set – ahh the 70s. Anyhoo, this expert said something that has stuck with me – we are free and easy before marriage because we really have no role model on how to date. How to romance during this time.

But, once we are married we end up following our parental role models. If we don’t witness them acting romantic or loving – not sexual – we start behaving as if this non-behaviour is normal and expected. Hence the belief marriage kills romance; kills the sex.

Which is one reason I wanted my couple to be the normal family. A couple making time for each other and being interrupted by the kids. Having to juggle the embarrassing moments those of us with kids have probably all experienced.

There’s also the idea of these children growing and finding their parents have had an interesting sex/love life. That the people around them have meant so much more. Seeing our parents as human is always one of the breakthroughs which startle us the most.

Too much for short sexy stories? Maybe, but this is what makes writing fun – exploring human nature.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Character Take Over: RE-visiting with Boris

Who are you?

Boris Carmichael Schitz…I know already it sounds like Shits. Yes, my buddies never let me forget it. Can we move on now? Yes, not our real last name, but trust me the real one is just as awkward for a guy growing up. Told Bonnie we should have used her maiden name.

My business is a mix of architectural design and personal security. Safe rooms and home vaults as well as business and business travel. My company will provide drivers, travel aids and security right down to family childcare help.

My family’s safety is everything.

What do you do in your spare time?

Look, I live in a household with four women of various ages, I do what they tell me to do. Seriously, between going over risk assessments, meetings with clients (and, yes, some think security means not sharing everything I need to know to do my job for them which is a whole other headache), staying on top of training and ahead of potential vulnerabilities, and more, cleaning the garage, trips to dance class, and playing chauffeur to a gaggle of girls is relaxation. Sports? Golf is a business drudgery as far as I’m concerned, but you’ll be surprised at how much can be covered over beers and darts. Let alone when training with the guys at the gym.


Look, I leave that spare time talk to Bonnie. Any discussions I may have on that activity I keep private.


Business takes me throughout the area and sometimes the country. There have been world travels, too. Plus connections and working relationships with other trusted security companies.

That, again?  Wherever my gal is works for me.


All right, I give in…

Hey, I’m a guy. Basically, whenever.


You’re kidding me right?


How what? You just…crap, Bonnie answered this already, right?

Conclusion…ahhh…oh, about the book…it was fun at the time, fun remembering (maybe a little more fun), and fun reading, trying to read   LOL

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: RE-introducing Boris

Who is Boris and why is he so free and open with his wife?

Too good to be true?



I wanted Boris to be more of a secondary character. Someone sitting quietly in the background enjoying the show. I really didn’t want to deal with him as a main focal. As an equal to Bonnie’s character – the lead, the story POV.

Then, Lea, my publisher said something about there would need to be some conflict, eventually. Something between Bonnie and Boris…jealously, something they would have to acknowledge, deal with as a couple.


I became the author who argued.

Argued that, no, my characters do not have that problem. They are the couple who know their hearts and minds. Who trust and love each other.

If you listen to the world beyond your comfort zone…the one that makes adults giggle with titillation. Then you have to acknowledge some people like _____ and ______ or ______. That they are comfortable and accept these different lifestyles no matter what anyone thinks.

Lo and behold Boris was born. He became the male lead. The protector. The supporter. The lover who cherishes his wife and isn’t afraid to follow her desires. Not afraid to show his own.

Together they explore the world few of us – sorry for the assumption – dare. Together they are the love story of our hearts. The trust and belief we have in our own lover(s).

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Character Take Over: RE-visiting with Bonnie

Who are you?

I’m Bonnie Marie Schitz, nee Southfenn, mother to three girls, married to Boris since our early twenties, hitting the 20th anniversary soon. I work from home as an online PR expert specializing in social media, something I’ve finally been able to do fulltime which allowed me to leave the office job.

What do you do in your spare time?

It depends. Most times those moments are spent with the family, when we all have the same spare moments. Otherwise I like to read and just sit back at home, no I don’t bake cookies. I lean more toward cupcakes and muffins.

Oh you mean, what do I do as in that do? Most times it’s all the spur of the moment. Nothing really is ever planned. Well, a few times require planning. Being spontaneous is great; however, there are situations one must be prepared for.


Where do I live or where do we…play? To protect my family I won’t say where we live, but we do have seasonal changes if that’s enough for you.

Our activities? Our bedroom, where only Cassie has been over to join. It’s our trusted sanctuary. But, we’ve ventured other places. Our friends, Peter and Patrice, have a private club that offers interesting shows. They’ve had us to their home. Everyone we bring close to us understands our home is a No zone. Even then we don’t bring many over who we’ve met at different places.


As I mentioned, some activities require planning, others were either unexpected or possibilities that we were open to. But those times were always with people we trusted and knew beyond doubt.

Let’s face it, being sexually adventuresome requires an emotional and intelligential element beyond practise and training and know how. Health is foremost in our minds.


If feels good? Curiosity?

Look, I know some will look at me and Boris and think I’m slutty or he’s scum. That we’re nothing but perverted. I’m not going to change their minds, won’t even try. Others, I hope, are interested in knowing who we are and are simply curious…which is fine. Human nature is diverse and each of us is here to explore and discover. Boris and I didn’t start out sharing, we, well he and Cassie opened a door they both knew I was curious about, one they both were wondering about as well. We’re well-adjusted adults. We know our boundaries and what we value most.



Oh, while I just explained how it started. The technical aspect, well I think we all know that.

But the other how involves openness to those who you plan to be intimate with. Health checks and tests. Verifying others are as well. And precautions and protection.

No, we don’t share all the coverings and usings. Who really wants to read those timeouts when you want to read the active parts?

Unless, of course, the timeouts are more timeins and active bits of the whole. Using safety doesn’t’ need to be boring.

Thank you for letting me say Hi, and I do hope you’ll give My Love and my stories a chance.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: RE-introducing Bonnie

NOTE:  Back in December 2015 I first introduced you to my main Characters and set of stories: Bonnie and Boris Bedtime Stories. Life has an interesting way of switching things up on a gal, so we've been a tad delayed. 

But, we're back on track and time to re-introduce you to my main couple...

The character Bonnie is an escape. She speaks what I hold back. Is confident where I’m not and daring where I wish I was…well, not in some areas. Her sexual freedom is complete fiction written for those who enjoy reading erotic/erotica.

I wanted my female lead to be someone in control, but not controlling as in overpowering. There’s little that will phase her or cause her to doubt herself or Boris. The insecurity and uncertainty which lives in us all was something I didn’t want in my erotic characters. They’re based on the general feel I’ve taken from watching documentaries on people who swing, share their wives/husbands. These stories are strong…I hope…in Bonnie’s sexual life which is separate from her day-to-day lives.

My plan for Bonnie is one where she will “play” with those she considers close and trustworthy friends. Beyond that she is not one to randomly have sex with someone simply because it will feel good. I’ve taken the stand with Bonnie and Boris that they’re sexually open, but have more personal rules than some who play a wider field. No, judgement is not being passed.

When creating characters a writer needs to know and set the boundaries, rules, beliefs for that character. It’s how we learn who we are writing and how they will interact with others in the story. How the story will make them behave, react. Even then they’ll take us in directions we don’t anticipate.

Bonnie’s a mother because I’m a mother. I know her feelings for her children because of my own. I wanted to share this aspect to my possible readers, let alone the fun of balancing being a sexual partner, being, with children and their surprises. I didn’t know how many children, daughters or sons, ages, this all came about as the stories were being written. So did the pets…both children and animals had no names, no descriptions for the first book and not much until writing the second.

For some strange reason Bonnie’s parents are deceased. I don’t know why, maybe I didn’t want to deal with writing about parents whose daughter is having wild sex?

I tried to find a name which didn’t match anyone I knew. One that didn’t belong to anyone I had an impression about. Well, it wasn’t until well after book one was written and near published that I realized I did know a person called, Bonnie. If you ever guess…or know who I am…my fictional Bonnie is completely that – fictional.

This is about it for introducing Bonnie. I’m sure there will be more to share as the stories develop and I get to know Bonnie. That’s the best part of creating a character, they grow and really do take on a life of their own.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Reviews: Scared

Great topic, right? I ended last week on fear and move directly into being scared here about reviewing. Difference here is maybe I should say more nervous than scared. Nervous in what I might read.

Hey, I know it’ll be erotic, but what if it’s beyond what I can handle comfortably? Too graphic or too out of my heat level?

What if it’s boring?

Am I reviewing the story or the heat? Do I review them separately or as a whole product?

  • Story – great
  • Sex scenes – dead

  • Sex scenes – Whoa! Cold shower time.
  • Story – mediocre

Suddenly I feel like I’m an Olympic judge holding up a score card:

  • Sex – 9.1
  • Story – 7
  • Overall – 16.1

How do I want my stories reviewed? Damn! I want reviewers to like both.

The story and characters and that I can write a good story. But, yeah I want them to think my hot scenes are just that hot – at least compared to those of similar heat.

Plus, I want them to laugh where there’s humour and not at the points I didn’t mean to be funny.

Who said this was easy?

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Erotic Genre: Getting into the right mindset

Almost like I’m talking time balancing again. And, maybe it’s just me but I can’t just walk into my erotic story and start writing. Even writing these postings I need to put on my Thea persona and do that “become” her bit. Again, maybe this is all just me and I’m making too much out of it. Making the writing more difficult than it needs to be.

The one thing I really need for writing erotica is quiet and no one bugging me. It’s awkward writing a sex scene and have your family walk in on you. Talk about killing the mood.

Does it get easier?

I think I might have burnt myself out writing too much of Bonnie and Boris during Nano. I overdosed on sex.

How lame is it to say I’m not in the mood? The truth may be closer to me just being afraid I might actually succeed and then what?

Sorry, my Thea hat slipped and my own self took over there. Time to say toodles just for now.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Character Take Over: The Daughters

No one wants to think kids when they’re talking sex and erotic stories. Okay, sane people with their minds screwed on straight don’t want to think this. And, yes I’m totally grossing myself out.

A big part of who Bonnie and Boris are revolves around their kids and family. The whole concept of their – Bonnie and Boris that is – bedtime stories is to show their love for each other and the love – sexual love – shared with their friends. To do this they needed to let us – their children – know “hey, mom and dad had great sex lives!” Right, that just grossed me out again.

Why when I start writing about this do I immediately revert back to my teen self? Here and now I’m a grown-ass woman who has had sex, maybe not as adventurous as mom and dad, but… Okay, back to the subject at hand.

Talking about your parents having sex is ick. Reading about their experiences – well, yeah – double ick (see back to my teen reaction).

But knowing my parents treasured each other. Were treasured by others and loved (okay, triple ick, those others were friends like family).

I’m so messing this up.

WHO:  I’m Cinder Schitz, the oldest daughter of Bonnie and Boris. My sisters are Lucy and Kate.

We never had any idea our parents were so – active. We knew they loved each other and loved us. We knew – know – Cassie, Patrice, and Peter. Heck, Cassie took us girls to our first male strip show. Patrice made sure we learned self-defence and each year gifted us our martial arts lessons. Peter taught us how to drive after the daughter-dad tries didn’t work out (dad thought defensive driving instead of just letting us learn how to drive first…defensive as in his business not every day driving).

Kate is Peter’s head chef. Hey – wait – no, don’t think I want to know what dinners Kate’s known about these last twenty years. Moving on.

Lucy became mom’s partner and eventually took over the PR firm. Patrice is one of her clients. That’s when we first learned of Patrice’s Silk and Satin Company.


Well, I think I’m the one who planted the idea behind mom and dad writhing their stories.

I’m an editor and kind of ranted one day about the difference between erotic and porn. To the point mentioning that even my innocent parents could write better erotica than what I had been editing.

Who knew they lived it and would take my rant as a dare?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

General: Balancing time

Once more time has gotten away from me. I’m late writing this and haven’t been present online in a week, maybe a little longer?

It’s not because I don’t want to connect with everyone. Not that I don’t care. Sometimes I think I care too much because I worry about not maintaining the demands I’ve put on myself.

That’s probably the same for most of us – self demands. We want to get so much done we forget why we started any of “this” in the first place.

People will tell us we don’t manage our time well. Go and make a to do list or a schedule. Juggle a little at a time. Touch something once and finish it then and there. Do their minds really work that way? Mine doesn’t.

I need a moment to slow and sit in the groove of what I’m trying to do. Putting any time limit just tosses me back into school mode and those blasted tests I would scramble through.

Even now I just remembered I need to set an alarm so I don’t forget something.

Balancing time – I keep trying, but sometimes I think it’s trying to balance me.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Peter

It’s probably a cop-out saying I don’t know who Peter is, but I don’t. He came into the story simply as a serving platter. He was going to be Patrice’s side dish – a toss-away. Then her docile husband.


I’m not too sure.

He’s beginning to stand up and letting himself be known. He’s becoming Boris’ friend, business-friend. Dare I say…buddy? He’s sounding quiet, steady, confident, someone in total control. I don’t believe he’s arrogant or has an inflated ego, but there’s some power within in him. He’s not a controller or Master, but the term protector doesn’t fit either. That one is more who Boris is, a protector.

Peter is…isn’t remaining a serving platter.

He’s become interesting.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Erotic Genre: Is it all in the mind

Our minds have always filled in the blanks whenever we’ve seen a man carry a woman up the stairs to the closed bedroom door. We know what happened under the covers between the twin beds. We know what steamed windows mean.

Which is why some may ask why do we need graphic sex scenes in books or movies? We know what’s happening, no need to read/see it…right?

Not exactly.

Erotic stories are written for their sex scenes. They’re not romance, paranormal, mystery, historical, whatever genre stories with added scenes. Erotic writing is about the sex. The story circles in and around the heat. They’re also about the people who explore this part of human nature.

My own Bonnie and Boris Bedtime Stories were written for the erotic aspects. Yes, I needed solid characters, meaning they have backgrounds and lives outside of just the horizontal mamba. Each story needed a plot, story, around the “act” whether leading to it or being about it or ending with it.

Let alone erotic readings do play on people’s minds leading to more realistic heat ;)

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Character Take Over: Peter


Peter Dirgule, married to Mistress Patrice, business acquaintance of Boris Schitz. Friend to Bonnie Schitz and Cassie Brown.


As in what do I do? Business or pleasure? Family, I do not talk about. For the purpose of this communication, I am the willing partner of Mistress Patrice and those of our intimate circle of friends.


Within the safety of our intimate circle of friends and like-minded individuals.


As life allows.


At this moment I choose not to share. When appropriate I will. Be assured my activities are by mutual consent.


I’m sure you don’t mean the “how” physically, but more the “how” as in life choices. How…because I have faith in those I bring into my life. Trust is given then earned. I am protective of those I hold close. This is why I have been perceived as a cold SOB. I leave it up to others to share what I am to them. Their perception of me.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

General: Are you where you expected to be

…the future’s not ours to see…written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, first published in 1956. I remember listening to Doris Day sing this song.

It never occurred to me to think into the future. To wonder what and where I wanted to be. To acknowledge that the future would one day be my present. Career? Marriage? Children? Family deaths. Nope, had no idea.


Who is ever prepared? Life has a way of changing our plans. We change our minds, plans, thoughts. Hopefully for the better. You need to go with the flow and play the hand that comes your way.

Decide the person you can live with. No, not the person you want to be. The want isn’t always the strongest – most positive – choice. There’s another saying I’ve stumbled over – no matter where you go, there you’ll be. Everything you want to run from, leave behind, well, it will always be with you. It’s all in how you carry it.

How you take care of who you are. Acknowledge all aspects of you to yourself. No one else needs to know everything. Only if you care to share.

Sharing with someone can be the most positive choice. They can change what you have struggled to accept simply because they believe in you.

It’s true – it’s not the destination but the journey. The path only you can take.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Mistress Patrice

I never intended to keep Patrice, she was supposed to be a one story element. Someone to titillate the reader and Bonnie. Patrice was supposed to give a peek into what is considered a darker aspect of human sexuality. Peek, not a full on trip and dissection of something that deserves more respect than it is given. Patrice was also added for the peek, voyeurism nature which makes us all take that second…third…look.

I’m now seeing Patrice as the flip side to Cassie – two sides of the same coin. Women who are free of worry in order to explore their sexuality.

Too deep for erotica?

Sure, some will say yes or maybe, but I’ll disagree. What I’m finding is it’s this depth to human nature that intrigues me to write the erotic genre. Which also means searching out those authors who take care in researching their storylines.

This is also what I see as the difference between our genre and porn. Erotic stories need characters who are connected. Stories with more than just sex.

Patrice is a woman who needs control. Why? Why did she become a therapist and change to a sexually based therapy? Is there something in her background – something I don’t even know yet – which drives her?

What is her relationship with husband Peter? My feel of this relationship, and I hope it comes across, is she is the alpha.

One thing I do know about humans is sometimes the strongest person doesn’t need to be the one in control – the lead. A confident alpha can follow when required.

I know I’m the writer, but all this makes me even more interested in who these two are and where they’ll take me.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Reviews: There are limits

When I started thinking about reviewing our genre I knew I had to research a bit more on what all counts as erotic/erotica. The sub-categories are too numerous and some are completely beyond my comfort zone…way out of my comfort zone. Almost to the point where I know I’m judging others and their writing/reading and maybe practising choices.

Writing Bonnie and Boris, I am exploring threesomes, female/female, a dominatrix, and swinging, plus voyeurism. Areas I’ve never experienced, don’t really want to experience, but the mindset, and naturalness, are interesting to me. I’ve watched documentaries and have researched after seeing some on mainstream television (think CSI and their dominatrix storyline).

After checking online for guidelines, well, I’ve been shocked. There are some choices that I just can’t go anywhere near. And I’m not talking character age…I don’t care who the writer is or what the storyline is, no character should ever be under eighteen when talking our genre. Personally, I’d rather characters well into their twenties and older. Judging? Call it what you want, that line is firmly and legally drawn as far as I’m concerned.

All this leads me to realizing I need to think more on reviewing our genre. Being clear as to what I’ll accept and whether I’ll write the review should something come up in the story that goes against my comfort zone.



No and no.

Being clear and precise at the beginning will save us all a lot of confusion and arguing later.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Erotic Genre: When the word is perfect as is

The one problem I have with writing the erotic genre is that there are only so many ways to call something, something. I’m talking private parts and the sex. I’m also talking noises.

It’s fine if your story has one sexual scene, but our genre requires more than that. I hear my editor’s voice telling me I’m repeating, but I know my characters and the words they would use and not use. Do I satisfy the editor or stay true to the characters?

Sometimes the perfect word is the same word and changing it will change the story feel.

And maybe I’m stressing too much over it all.

Word usage is also part of each character. If one character prefers pecker or vajay-jay, it wouldn’t make sense to use those names with someone else.

Unless I want the shock value. And those need to be limited in usage or they lose their effectiveness.

I know it has come to the surprise of some that our genre demands this much care and thought. Those unfamiliar thought it was all wham bam thank you mam.

Not that whamming and bamming are naughty, they just have their own writing style.

I know now that anyone who says writing sex is easy has never seriously written sex.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Character Take Over: Mistress Patrice


I’m known by many as Mistress Patrice. Intimately and as their teacher. And professionally. Some of you may giggle at that thought, but there are those who do not fit the standard therapy methods. These individuals require the discipline I allow and give. It is not all about sex and orgasm.

I am also a business woman.

Personally? I trust Bonnie and Boris to show who I am, in their eyes.


I am a trained professional. I have my medical degree and as Mistress Patrice I have found where I am best served. For me and my clients. There is proof in the saying – doctor heal thyself. To know one’s self is the first step anyone can take.

I design and own Silk and Satin’s Leathers and Tethers. Our slogan…toys for your box. Cliché, I know.


My practice is private. Referrals only. My play is amongst those I trust and who trust me. We do not advertise.


Business hours are determined by need. Entertaining, our dinner and a show, isn’t as often as you think. Neither are our retreats. There is something to, too much of a good thing. Privately, I enjoy the moments as they come.


Conventional doesn’t suit everyone. This is who I am. It has taken too much of my life not to accept who I am. I have found my niche in life. Very few know my story.


Training. School. Studying. And therapy to understand myself. Acceptance of self. Learning to trust and to receive trust.

Thank you, Bonnie…Boris…Miss Theadora.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

General: Faces

We all want to be recognized. No one wants to be the unseen in the crowd. Well, maybe if you’re always seen you might like to be the faceless one every so often.

To stay in the shadows feels lost and alone. Unwanted. Neglected.

So why an earring for my face?

For the escape.

Haven’t you ever wanted to keep driving and drive away from your normal life? Get on a plane and go without anyone knowing? Drop the every day and start new?

I’m not saying my normal life is one I want to give up. Not for all the money in the world. But, it is fun to put on the earring face and not have to deal with my norm. A face to escape to…with.

Recently, I had to decide if I wanted to keep my second face or claim my own. A certain social media home claimed I wasn’t who I said I was. In order to prove this, I had to claim those friends I have on that site.

Hmm, was I proving I was real or that they are?

As you can tell, I obviously chose my earring face. Why?

Because that is still me. Just as my fears have their image, so does my erotic writer and they live with the woman who mothers most all she claims. One day the middle grade writer will show her face right alongside the nightmare making sleuth writer.

Our faces are all ours. The persona behind just differs.

Don’t forget to put your face on.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Cassie

I realized after Cassie took over the blog last month that this introduction may seem backwards. Maybe it should be introductions then allow the characters to take over and speak for themselves; however, that would be too normal and boring. By choosing to let them speak first you might just be curious enough to want to know how they came to be.

Then again, there will be different visits to Bonnie and Boris.

Cassie came about because I needed another female for the erotic aspects of the story. Plain and simple, but I also wanted someone who Bonnie and Boris would have complete trust in. Someone who was independent, life-loving, adventurous, and a bit of a minx…sexy and sensual. The fun about writing Cassie is I didn’t know any of this until she started talking in the first book “Gift Giving.” In that first scene she was a giggling sexy bombshell who was there for the tease. A fun secondary character who I didn’t expect to visit again.

That’s the beauty of writing, characters can take over when they know…some deep part of the writer’s imagination or muse knows…they’re more than first written. Cassie has become a repeat visitor and someone who I’m pretty sure will end up in her own set of stories.

Cassie is building to be a character who gives loyalty and trust based on her gut reaction, but do not cross her. Do not cross her friends.

Did I know she had a brother? Nope. That came out of the blue. Her reason for living life in the moment without regrets? Maybe. This is why I know we’ll be visiting with Cassie again, she’s more than her smile…and Double Ds…much more.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Erotic Genre: Am I bad because of what I write?

You write sex stories?
Are these real experiences?

No, I write erotic stories. I write characters within fictional worlds with emotions and yes they have sex. Yes, more sex, more detailed sex than someone being carried up the staircase. Unless, of course, you follow and watch…participate.

No, it’s not porn. My characters and their stories have just as many rules and story arcs and requirements as a story without sex. This isn’t a bored wham, bam, thank you mam.

Real? Seriously? Ah, no. Believe me? No? So, why ask?

Fantasies? See the response above.

What’s with all the gasps and shock when people learn I write detailed sex scenes within the walls of fiction? Funny, I don’t get the same reaction when I say I write horror – except from my mom. She wonders why I can’t write a simple love story.

Mom, I do. Mine just happen to have a lot of sex in it.

Good thing mom has a sense of humour. No, she hasn’t read my stories. Not her genre, besides – ewwww. I don’t want to know if my mom reads erotic, let alone mine. ICK.

Double standard?

Look I’m not a bad person for writing sex. No one is a bad person for reading sex.

As a writer, my imagination just works differently. My ideal character could be the person who will curl your toes and have you screaming with ecstasy with how he/she uses his/her tongue. Burns you with hidden passions you never dreamed were within you. Then turns around and douses you with acid watching your skin burn off while you scream in agony.

Okay, I think I just scared myself.

All right, already, I’m not a bad person cause I write horror either. Yes, mom, I’ll go write that nice sweet innocent romance now.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Character Take Over: Cassie


Cassie Elizabeth Brown, that’ll be me. Bonnie’s best friend since before, well, ever.


Lawyer. Corporate and pro-bono juvie cases. Lost my brother to the system and swore no siblings would ever be parted again.


Huh? Where what?  Oh…well, to be honest most everywhere. Except for the beach. That was the most uncomfortable feeling ever, never again. And water, pools, lakes, ocean, not very friendly for me.


I’m pretty spontaneous but not when I’m working. There is a time and place for everything and I don’t play games with my work.


Work is my livelihood and allows me the freedom to help kids like my brother. I won’t risk my business for my fun. But I also will not allow my fun to be used to judge who I am.

Yeah, one creep tried to put me down and have the book thrown at my client. He lost – the creep – the client made amends and remained with her family. She’s in college now heading to law school.

Oh and the creep. The last I saw him his ass was getting beat in quite different manner.


Life is too short. I remember the love and affection my parents had before the accident. I was lucky enough to live with my grandparents who also showed their love and affection. My brother tried too hard to fit in and be what others demanded; he lost himself. Then I lost him to a system that sadly isn’t equipped to guide and nurture the kids who need it the most. This is my life and I won’t be defined by someone else’s rules, beliefs, standards or judgement.

Thanks letting me take over, Theadora. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

General: The blog posting about nothing

When the thinking won’t think. When the thoughts have flown the coop. When the blanks are…blank.

Yes, this is a posting about nothing.

It started as something then my memory kicked in and realized I had already talked about what I was starting to re-talk about. Great, time for a new idea. Fantastic, what new idea?

Staring at a blank page wasn’t helping. Staring at a blank computer screen really wasn’t helping, back to the blank paper. Sure, it wasn’t completely blank. I had started re-talking about that previously posted subject, those notes were now just crossed out.


Yes, I wrote the word boredom.

From that simple word came these 119 words. Okay, there’s more words after that count and I’m really not sure I want to go back and change the numbers.

What’s my point?

One word is all you need to start something. Go and start something.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Boris

Who is Boris and why is he so free and open with his wife?

Too good to be true?



I wanted Boris to be more of a secondary character. Someone sitting quietly in the background enjoying the show. I really didn’t want to deal with him as a main focal. As an equal to Bonnie’s character – the lead, the story POV.

Then, Lea, my publisher said something about there would need to be some conflict, eventually. Something between Bonnie and Boris…jealously, something they would have to acknowledge, deal with as a couple.


I became the author who argued.

Argued that, no, my characters do not have that problem. They are the couple who know their hearts and minds. Who trust and love each other.

If you listen to the world beyond your comfort zone…the one that makes adults giggle with titillation. Then you have to acknowledge some people like _____ and ______ or ______. That they are comfortable and accept these different lifestyles no matter what anyone thinks.

Lo and behold Boris was born. He became the male lead. The protector. The supporter. The lover who cherishes his wife and isn’t afraid to follow her desires. Not afraid to show his own.

Together they explore the world few of us – sorry for the assumption – dare. Together they are the love story of our hearts. The trust and belief we have in our own lover(s).