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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

To Boob or Not To Boob

MuseitHOT Author
Cleavage - front, top, side, under, dang near whole kit-and-kaboddle.

Heaven only knows how they stay Okay, I've heard about tape usage, but seriously do you really want to tape your girls to your clothes? OUCHIE-wowwow!

Besides I don't even trust double-face tape to keep my rug secure, let alone keep me from flashing.

So why this conversation? Well, scanning the entertainment news and the fashion and you can't help but see there's boobs, boobs, boobs everywhere. And I ain't talking boob-brains...not to be confused with the boobs-on-the-brains set.

Plus the upcoming new Blogger restrictions on adult content.

Plus...I'm so looking forward to summer, but while battling the bra this morning remembering how much I hate bras and summer heat.

Would I have a boob-job, boob-lift just so I wouldn't have to wear a bra in the summer?

Then the mind curved to how not to wondering how not to poke.

Bra or tape?

What about bounce? Not a lot to bounce, but there is bounce. Can you bounce-flash even if taped?

Does bouncing and tape even work together? Seriously, would sweating dislodge the tape? Would stronger tape be needed...hurt more coming off?

Think I'll leave all the boob coverage...degrees of others and stick with the girls I have.

And the bra dance continues.