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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Erotic Genre: Learning It

What I’m learning is it’s nothing like below…

“Everyone” talks about how erotic sells. How erotic is what people are reading. How it’s so popular on eReaders because people can read it in public without fear.

How it’s just writing sex scenes.
Yes…erotic sells.
Yes…people are reading it and on eReaders where no one can see.
Yes…erotic is popular.
No…it’s not just sex scenes.
Erotic or erotica…I’m still learning those subtle meanings…is sexy reading. There’s hot sex. There’s characters who have sex with…well…with most anyone in any situation and there’s little rules as to anything.

…What it is, is writing strong characters, a storyline that fits whatever sub-genre you’re writing/attempting to write, with sex scenes your reader can visualize that happen “on screen” as opposed to the female/male being carried “off screen” for the action to happen.

Think the movie “Psycho,” we never saw the murder in the shower. Nope, go watch again. We were given glimpses of what’s happening and our mind filled in the details. Take the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies, those we saw everything, nothing was left to our imagination.

Think romantic sensual writing versus romantic or anything sex writing. You still need a story. You still need characters your readers want to read having sex.

Writing sex is easy.

Incorporating it into a story, now that’s the challenge. Writing erotic/erotica is the same as writing any other genre. It takes the same consideration. The same planning. The same story ARC. The same editing. The same everything. That means if erotic writing requires steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. You write all those steps. If paranormal writing requires steps 1-4, plus 8-11, then you write those steps plus the steps which belong to erotic if you want paranormal erotic.

No, writing erotic isn’t easy. We’re not writing sex letters to some magazine. Telling locker room tales to our friends. Nor are we writing a scene of two people saying ‘hi’ and then banging away on each other. That’s not to say those scenes don’t happen. That some authors aren’t writing like that. Hey, I can go for a good “Psycho” movie or a good “Elm Street” movie any time, depends on my mood.

Same goes for this genre of mine.

So what’s my point? We’re not cookie-cutter writers. We’re just as diverse as any genre writer you may pick up and read. What I love most is the fact television entertainment shows referred to Jackie Collins as an erotic author. For years I’ve heard her referred to in many ways, from praised to smut. The fact she was acknowledged as erotic, well, yeah, that made me proud.

I’m no Jackie Collins, but I am a writer. I write erotic and I’m proud of my work.

Oh, and before you take a side trip on the author name thing…I’m proud enough of my erotic writing to give it its own identity so you won’t judge based on who you think I am and what I should be 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Character Take Over: Bonnie

Coming Winter 2016
Who are you?

I’m Bonnie Marie Schitz, nee Southfenn, mother to three girls, married to Boris since our early twenties, hitting the 20th anniversary soon. I work from home as an online PR expert specializing in social media, something I’ve finally been able to do fulltime which allowed me to leave the office job.

What do you do in your spare time?

It depends. Most times those moments are spent with the family, when we all have the same spare moments. Otherwise I like to read and just sit back at home, no I don’t bake cookies. I lean more toward cupcakes and muffins.

Oh you mean, what do I do as in that do? Most times it’s all the spur of the moment. Nothing really is ever planned. Well, a few times require planning. Being spontaneous is great; however, there are situations one must be prepared for.


Where do I live or where do we…play? To protect my family I won’t say where we live, but we do have seasonal changes if that’s enough for you.

Our activities? Our bedroom, where only Cassie has been over to join. It’s our trusted sanctuary. But, we’ve ventured other places. Our friends, Peter and Patrice, have a private club that offers interesting shows. They’ve had us to their home. Everyone we bring close to us understands our home is a No zone. Even then we don’t bring many over who we’ve met at different places.


As I mentioned, some activities require planning, others were either unexpected or possibilities that we were open to. But those times were always with people we trusted and knew beyond doubt.

Let’s face it, being sexually adventuresome requires an emotional and intelligential element beyond practise and training and know how. Health is foremost in our minds.


If feels good? Curiosity?

Look, I know some will look at me and Boris and think I’m slutty or he’s scum. That we’re nothing but perverted. I’m not going to change their minds, won’t even try. Others, I hope, are interested in knowing who we are and are simply curious…which is fine. Human nature is diverse and each of us is here to explore and discover. Boris and I didn’t start out sharing, we, well he and Cassie opened a door they both knew I was curious about, one they both were wondering about as well. We’re well-adjusted adults. We know our boundaries and what we value most.



Oh, while I just explained how it started. The technical aspect, well I think we all know that.

But the other how involves openness to those who you plan to be intimate with. Health checks and tests. Verifying others are as well. And precautions and protection.

No, we don’t share all the coverings and usings. Who really wants to read those timeouts when you want to read the active parts?

Unless, of course, the timeouts are more timeins and active bits of the whole. Using safety doesn’t’ need to be boring.

Thank you for letting me say Hi, and I do hope you’ll give My Love and my stories a chance.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

General: Nanowrimo 2015

I guess I’m an erotic author at heart. I’ve managed more words this Nano than in any of the last five years.

Before anyone gets upset with me, of course, I’m an erotic author. It’s what I’m writing and I think it’s pretty good, too.

What I should have said, and will fumble my way through, is writing erotic, I’m writing more seriously. Taking myself as a writer more serious.

I don’t feel like a pretender even though I’m writing under a different name. I want to respect – hope I am – this genre, its authors and readers.

Nano is the kick in the pants for me to get Bonnie and Boris down on paper – in the computer – and out to you. I think you’ll enjoy them. I find them funny – maybe more who I wish I was, in the sense of confidence. To be and do whatever without stressing over what it is I’m doing. And, no, not their sexual lives. The core of the characters that’s what I wish I had more of.

Ah, I think I’ll stop that line of conversation, no matter how much I try to say it’ll still be read – I want to be Bonnie and her sex life. Which I don’t, I just like writing it.

Nano’s a strange beast. Writing 1,667 words every day. Sure, authors should, can, do write more each day in their normal work life. But there’s something nutty about feeling the force of “must write 1,667 words today.” The need to reach 50,000 by November 30th.

Or is it about knowing at that very second there are numerous authors all writing as you are. The proof you are not alone in your creative insanity.

For whatever reason, this year everything is falling into place. Who knows maybe in December my other writer name will get 50,000 words written. Then in November 2016 I can write beside myself and dual with myself.

Talk about multiple personalities, hearing voices in the head.

Yes, I’m a writer and yes, I’m just a tad nutty.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Re-introducing Theadora Mitchell

With everything, as we learn more, become comfortable with decisions, we do more and we do it better.

I started writing about Bonnie and Boris as a dare to myself and a quiet challenge to those who know me. The me behind Theadora Mitchell. I know who know who I am and I can only guess at those who think they know, but I picked a pseudonym simply for the freedom it offers. A freedom away from the definition I and everyone around me have placed on my being.

Theadora Mitchell is a combination of names; names I’m confident no one expects who these non-immediate people are to me. Thea’s a protective barrier between the audience she’ll find and the audience I hope my other writings will find. The audiences may be one and the same; however, their needs differ as much as my writing does. And when those readers, who do not fit Theadora, look for my other work, well, they won’t have to worry about what they’ll find in the books. A freedom for me; a safety net for my readers.

No, I do not write smut or porn. No, Bonnie and Boris are not about me and mine or any fantasy of either. They are a fictional couple who fit together. Who are written as a loving, caring, trusting couple who are free to explore and play in my imagination. I’m not na├»ve in that I’ve never seen an adult magazine or movie…please is sex supposed to be that boring? I’ve watched documentaries on human nature and self-discovery and exploration. The psyche behind the individual is fascinating whether it’s a mass murder or a dominatrix and her submissive.

Am I writing literary erotic…ahhh, yeah, nope. I hope I’m writing steamy heat with humour…let’s face it sex can be pretty funny. We’ve all got some type of jiggly part, make some strange noise that only makes an appearance when ____ and _____ or _____ happens. And I’m sure when it comes to the other people who live with us at times, no one wants to be caught in any position making any noises that would cause blushing should we be seen/heard or have to explain when asked if we heard/seen anything strange the night before.

Hmm, this was supposed to be me re-introducing my characters to you, but as with free writing it took a turn on its own (hence having to change the title). I’ll close today with letting you know that while Bonnie and Boris’ Bedtime Stories: Gift Giving Done Right is still available, it is going through a revamping. My publisher and I have decided to go with a few bundles of B&B’s short stories instead of individual shorts. So, I’m tweaking and writing new playtimes for these two characters, a year’s tale of fun. They’ve actually turned me into a plotter writer, a new experience.

I hope you’ll tune in again each Tuesday as I try my best to bring something interesting, something new about my writing, share my journey as I learn more about writing erotic/erotica. Till then…toodles.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

WHOOOOO-HOOOOO - things are looking new

Hey, all.

There's exciting news happening for Bonnie and Boris. They're getting a revamp!

I love their first Bedtime could I not, I wrote it. But, as with all newbies, I'm more comfortable with this genre and with writing it...calling myself an erotic author. So, with my publisher's help and blessing, we're reworking these shorts into Bundles.

Look for a year's worth of playtime with Bonnie and Boris coming soon.