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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Character Take Over: RE-visiting with Boris

Who are you?

Boris Carmichael Schitz…I know already it sounds like Shits. Yes, my buddies never let me forget it. Can we move on now? Yes, not our real last name, but trust me the real one is just as awkward for a guy growing up. Told Bonnie we should have used her maiden name.

My business is a mix of architectural design and personal security. Safe rooms and home vaults as well as business and business travel. My company will provide drivers, travel aids and security right down to family childcare help.

My family’s safety is everything.

What do you do in your spare time?

Look, I live in a household with four women of various ages, I do what they tell me to do. Seriously, between going over risk assessments, meetings with clients (and, yes, some think security means not sharing everything I need to know to do my job for them which is a whole other headache), staying on top of training and ahead of potential vulnerabilities, and more, cleaning the garage, trips to dance class, and playing chauffeur to a gaggle of girls is relaxation. Sports? Golf is a business drudgery as far as I’m concerned, but you’ll be surprised at how much can be covered over beers and darts. Let alone when training with the guys at the gym.


Look, I leave that spare time talk to Bonnie. Any discussions I may have on that activity I keep private.


Business takes me throughout the area and sometimes the country. There have been world travels, too. Plus connections and working relationships with other trusted security companies.

That, again?  Wherever my gal is works for me.


All right, I give in…

Hey, I’m a guy. Basically, whenever.


You’re kidding me right?


How what? You just…crap, Bonnie answered this already, right?

Conclusion…ahhh…oh, about the book…it was fun at the time, fun remembering (maybe a little more fun), and fun reading, trying to read   LOL

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: RE-introducing Boris

Who is Boris and why is he so free and open with his wife?

Too good to be true?



I wanted Boris to be more of a secondary character. Someone sitting quietly in the background enjoying the show. I really didn’t want to deal with him as a main focal. As an equal to Bonnie’s character – the lead, the story POV.

Then, Lea, my publisher said something about there would need to be some conflict, eventually. Something between Bonnie and Boris…jealously, something they would have to acknowledge, deal with as a couple.


I became the author who argued.

Argued that, no, my characters do not have that problem. They are the couple who know their hearts and minds. Who trust and love each other.

If you listen to the world beyond your comfort zone…the one that makes adults giggle with titillation. Then you have to acknowledge some people like _____ and ______ or ______. That they are comfortable and accept these different lifestyles no matter what anyone thinks.

Lo and behold Boris was born. He became the male lead. The protector. The supporter. The lover who cherishes his wife and isn’t afraid to follow her desires. Not afraid to show his own.

Together they explore the world few of us – sorry for the assumption – dare. Together they are the love story of our hearts. The trust and belief we have in our own lover(s).

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Character Take Over: RE-visiting with Bonnie

Who are you?

I’m Bonnie Marie Schitz, nee Southfenn, mother to three girls, married to Boris since our early twenties, hitting the 20th anniversary soon. I work from home as an online PR expert specializing in social media, something I’ve finally been able to do fulltime which allowed me to leave the office job.

What do you do in your spare time?

It depends. Most times those moments are spent with the family, when we all have the same spare moments. Otherwise I like to read and just sit back at home, no I don’t bake cookies. I lean more toward cupcakes and muffins.

Oh you mean, what do I do as in that do? Most times it’s all the spur of the moment. Nothing really is ever planned. Well, a few times require planning. Being spontaneous is great; however, there are situations one must be prepared for.


Where do I live or where do we…play? To protect my family I won’t say where we live, but we do have seasonal changes if that’s enough for you.

Our activities? Our bedroom, where only Cassie has been over to join. It’s our trusted sanctuary. But, we’ve ventured other places. Our friends, Peter and Patrice, have a private club that offers interesting shows. They’ve had us to their home. Everyone we bring close to us understands our home is a No zone. Even then we don’t bring many over who we’ve met at different places.


As I mentioned, some activities require planning, others were either unexpected or possibilities that we were open to. But those times were always with people we trusted and knew beyond doubt.

Let’s face it, being sexually adventuresome requires an emotional and intelligential element beyond practise and training and know how. Health is foremost in our minds.


If feels good? Curiosity?

Look, I know some will look at me and Boris and think I’m slutty or he’s scum. That we’re nothing but perverted. I’m not going to change their minds, won’t even try. Others, I hope, are interested in knowing who we are and are simply curious…which is fine. Human nature is diverse and each of us is here to explore and discover. Boris and I didn’t start out sharing, we, well he and Cassie opened a door they both knew I was curious about, one they both were wondering about as well. We’re well-adjusted adults. We know our boundaries and what we value most.



Oh, while I just explained how it started. The technical aspect, well I think we all know that.

But the other how involves openness to those who you plan to be intimate with. Health checks and tests. Verifying others are as well. And precautions and protection.

No, we don’t share all the coverings and usings. Who really wants to read those timeouts when you want to read the active parts?

Unless, of course, the timeouts are more timeins and active bits of the whole. Using safety doesn’t’ need to be boring.

Thank you for letting me say Hi, and I do hope you’ll give My Love and my stories a chance.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: RE-introducing Bonnie

NOTE:  Back in December 2015 I first introduced you to my main Characters and set of stories: Bonnie and Boris Bedtime Stories. Life has an interesting way of switching things up on a gal, so we've been a tad delayed. 

But, we're back on track and time to re-introduce you to my main couple...

The character Bonnie is an escape. She speaks what I hold back. Is confident where I’m not and daring where I wish I was…well, not in some areas. Her sexual freedom is complete fiction written for those who enjoy reading erotic/erotica.

I wanted my female lead to be someone in control, but not controlling as in overpowering. There’s little that will phase her or cause her to doubt herself or Boris. The insecurity and uncertainty which lives in us all was something I didn’t want in my erotic characters. They’re based on the general feel I’ve taken from watching documentaries on people who swing, share their wives/husbands. These stories are strong…I hope…in Bonnie’s sexual life which is separate from her day-to-day lives.

My plan for Bonnie is one where she will “play” with those she considers close and trustworthy friends. Beyond that she is not one to randomly have sex with someone simply because it will feel good. I’ve taken the stand with Bonnie and Boris that they’re sexually open, but have more personal rules than some who play a wider field. No, judgement is not being passed.

When creating characters a writer needs to know and set the boundaries, rules, beliefs for that character. It’s how we learn who we are writing and how they will interact with others in the story. How the story will make them behave, react. Even then they’ll take us in directions we don’t anticipate.

Bonnie’s a mother because I’m a mother. I know her feelings for her children because of my own. I wanted to share this aspect to my possible readers, let alone the fun of balancing being a sexual partner, being, with children and their surprises. I didn’t know how many children, daughters or sons, ages, this all came about as the stories were being written. So did the pets…both children and animals had no names, no descriptions for the first book and not much until writing the second.

For some strange reason Bonnie’s parents are deceased. I don’t know why, maybe I didn’t want to deal with writing about parents whose daughter is having wild sex?

I tried to find a name which didn’t match anyone I knew. One that didn’t belong to anyone I had an impression about. Well, it wasn’t until well after book one was written and near published that I realized I did know a person called, Bonnie. If you ever guess…or know who I am…my fictional Bonnie is completely that – fictional.

This is about it for introducing Bonnie. I’m sure there will be more to share as the stories develop and I get to know Bonnie. That’s the best part of creating a character, they grow and really do take on a life of their own.