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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Reviews: Scared

Great topic, right? I ended last week on fear and move directly into being scared here about reviewing. Difference here is maybe I should say more nervous than scared. Nervous in what I might read.

Hey, I know it’ll be erotic, but what if it’s beyond what I can handle comfortably? Too graphic or too out of my heat level?

What if it’s boring?

Am I reviewing the story or the heat? Do I review them separately or as a whole product?

  • Story – great
  • Sex scenes – dead

  • Sex scenes – Whoa! Cold shower time.
  • Story – mediocre

Suddenly I feel like I’m an Olympic judge holding up a score card:

  • Sex – 9.1
  • Story – 7
  • Overall – 16.1

How do I want my stories reviewed? Damn! I want reviewers to like both.

The story and characters and that I can write a good story. But, yeah I want them to think my hot scenes are just that hot – at least compared to those of similar heat.

Plus, I want them to laugh where there’s humour and not at the points I didn’t mean to be funny.

Who said this was easy?

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Erotic Genre: Getting into the right mindset

Almost like I’m talking time balancing again. And, maybe it’s just me but I can’t just walk into my erotic story and start writing. Even writing these postings I need to put on my Thea persona and do that “become” her bit. Again, maybe this is all just me and I’m making too much out of it. Making the writing more difficult than it needs to be.

The one thing I really need for writing erotica is quiet and no one bugging me. It’s awkward writing a sex scene and have your family walk in on you. Talk about killing the mood.

Does it get easier?

I think I might have burnt myself out writing too much of Bonnie and Boris during Nano. I overdosed on sex.

How lame is it to say I’m not in the mood? The truth may be closer to me just being afraid I might actually succeed and then what?

Sorry, my Thea hat slipped and my own self took over there. Time to say toodles just for now.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Character Take Over: The Daughters

No one wants to think kids when they’re talking sex and erotic stories. Okay, sane people with their minds screwed on straight don’t want to think this. And, yes I’m totally grossing myself out.

A big part of who Bonnie and Boris are revolves around their kids and family. The whole concept of their – Bonnie and Boris that is – bedtime stories is to show their love for each other and the love – sexual love – shared with their friends. To do this they needed to let us – their children – know “hey, mom and dad had great sex lives!” Right, that just grossed me out again.

Why when I start writing about this do I immediately revert back to my teen self? Here and now I’m a grown-ass woman who has had sex, maybe not as adventurous as mom and dad, but… Okay, back to the subject at hand.

Talking about your parents having sex is ick. Reading about their experiences – well, yeah – double ick (see back to my teen reaction).

But knowing my parents treasured each other. Were treasured by others and loved (okay, triple ick, those others were friends like family).

I’m so messing this up.

WHO:  I’m Cinder Schitz, the oldest daughter of Bonnie and Boris. My sisters are Lucy and Kate.

We never had any idea our parents were so – active. We knew they loved each other and loved us. We knew – know – Cassie, Patrice, and Peter. Heck, Cassie took us girls to our first male strip show. Patrice made sure we learned self-defence and each year gifted us our martial arts lessons. Peter taught us how to drive after the daughter-dad tries didn’t work out (dad thought defensive driving instead of just letting us learn how to drive first…defensive as in his business not every day driving).

Kate is Peter’s head chef. Hey – wait – no, don’t think I want to know what dinners Kate’s known about these last twenty years. Moving on.

Lucy became mom’s partner and eventually took over the PR firm. Patrice is one of her clients. That’s when we first learned of Patrice’s Silk and Satin Company.


Well, I think I’m the one who planted the idea behind mom and dad writhing their stories.

I’m an editor and kind of ranted one day about the difference between erotic and porn. To the point mentioning that even my innocent parents could write better erotica than what I had been editing.

Who knew they lived it and would take my rant as a dare?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

General: Balancing time

Once more time has gotten away from me. I’m late writing this and haven’t been present online in a week, maybe a little longer?

It’s not because I don’t want to connect with everyone. Not that I don’t care. Sometimes I think I care too much because I worry about not maintaining the demands I’ve put on myself.

That’s probably the same for most of us – self demands. We want to get so much done we forget why we started any of “this” in the first place.

People will tell us we don’t manage our time well. Go and make a to do list or a schedule. Juggle a little at a time. Touch something once and finish it then and there. Do their minds really work that way? Mine doesn’t.

I need a moment to slow and sit in the groove of what I’m trying to do. Putting any time limit just tosses me back into school mode and those blasted tests I would scramble through.

Even now I just remembered I need to set an alarm so I don’t forget something.

Balancing time – I keep trying, but sometimes I think it’s trying to balance me.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Peter

It’s probably a cop-out saying I don’t know who Peter is, but I don’t. He came into the story simply as a serving platter. He was going to be Patrice’s side dish – a toss-away. Then her docile husband.


I’m not too sure.

He’s beginning to stand up and letting himself be known. He’s becoming Boris’ friend, business-friend. Dare I say…buddy? He’s sounding quiet, steady, confident, someone in total control. I don’t believe he’s arrogant or has an inflated ego, but there’s some power within in him. He’s not a controller or Master, but the term protector doesn’t fit either. That one is more who Boris is, a protector.

Peter is…isn’t remaining a serving platter.

He’s become interesting.