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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Erotic Genre: Is it all in the mind

Our minds have always filled in the blanks whenever we’ve seen a man carry a woman up the stairs to the closed bedroom door. We know what happened under the covers between the twin beds. We know what steamed windows mean.

Which is why some may ask why do we need graphic sex scenes in books or movies? We know what’s happening, no need to read/see it…right?

Not exactly.

Erotic stories are written for their sex scenes. They’re not romance, paranormal, mystery, historical, whatever genre stories with added scenes. Erotic writing is about the sex. The story circles in and around the heat. They’re also about the people who explore this part of human nature.

My own Bonnie and Boris Bedtime Stories were written for the erotic aspects. Yes, I needed solid characters, meaning they have backgrounds and lives outside of just the horizontal mamba. Each story needed a plot, story, around the “act” whether leading to it or being about it or ending with it.

Let alone erotic readings do play on people’s minds leading to more realistic heat ;)

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Character Take Over: Peter


Peter Dirgule, married to Mistress Patrice, business acquaintance of Boris Schitz. Friend to Bonnie Schitz and Cassie Brown.


As in what do I do? Business or pleasure? Family, I do not talk about. For the purpose of this communication, I am the willing partner of Mistress Patrice and those of our intimate circle of friends.


Within the safety of our intimate circle of friends and like-minded individuals.


As life allows.


At this moment I choose not to share. When appropriate I will. Be assured my activities are by mutual consent.


I’m sure you don’t mean the “how” physically, but more the “how” as in life choices. How…because I have faith in those I bring into my life. Trust is given then earned. I am protective of those I hold close. This is why I have been perceived as a cold SOB. I leave it up to others to share what I am to them. Their perception of me.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

General: Are you where you expected to be

…the future’s not ours to see…written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, first published in 1956. I remember listening to Doris Day sing this song.

It never occurred to me to think into the future. To wonder what and where I wanted to be. To acknowledge that the future would one day be my present. Career? Marriage? Children? Family deaths. Nope, had no idea.


Who is ever prepared? Life has a way of changing our plans. We change our minds, plans, thoughts. Hopefully for the better. You need to go with the flow and play the hand that comes your way.

Decide the person you can live with. No, not the person you want to be. The want isn’t always the strongest – most positive – choice. There’s another saying I’ve stumbled over – no matter where you go, there you’ll be. Everything you want to run from, leave behind, well, it will always be with you. It’s all in how you carry it.

How you take care of who you are. Acknowledge all aspects of you to yourself. No one else needs to know everything. Only if you care to share.

Sharing with someone can be the most positive choice. They can change what you have struggled to accept simply because they believe in you.

It’s true – it’s not the destination but the journey. The path only you can take.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Mistress Patrice

I never intended to keep Patrice, she was supposed to be a one story element. Someone to titillate the reader and Bonnie. Patrice was supposed to give a peek into what is considered a darker aspect of human sexuality. Peek, not a full on trip and dissection of something that deserves more respect than it is given. Patrice was also added for the peek, voyeurism nature which makes us all take that second…third…look.

I’m now seeing Patrice as the flip side to Cassie – two sides of the same coin. Women who are free of worry in order to explore their sexuality.

Too deep for erotica?

Sure, some will say yes or maybe, but I’ll disagree. What I’m finding is it’s this depth to human nature that intrigues me to write the erotic genre. Which also means searching out those authors who take care in researching their storylines.

This is also what I see as the difference between our genre and porn. Erotic stories need characters who are connected. Stories with more than just sex.

Patrice is a woman who needs control. Why? Why did she become a therapist and change to a sexually based therapy? Is there something in her background – something I don’t even know yet – which drives her?

What is her relationship with husband Peter? My feel of this relationship, and I hope it comes across, is she is the alpha.

One thing I do know about humans is sometimes the strongest person doesn’t need to be the one in control – the lead. A confident alpha can follow when required.

I know I’m the writer, but all this makes me even more interested in who these two are and where they’ll take me.