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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Writing that second book

Here I am
I'm visiting Bonnie and Boris again. This time around they're taking us out to dinner and a show. And that's all I can tell ya.

What I can tell you, is how much harder it was to write this second story. Writing should be getting easier, shouldn't it? At least I thought it should, well, at least with erotica. I mean, I'm over the shyness and awkwardness of those first heated scenes. Using words I don't even say out loud in my real life.

I'm a grown adult. There's nothing dirty about what I write. My book cover is quite pretty. Tame if you really look at some covers for the genre.

I've written Bonnie and Boris as a loving couple who are secure in their relationship. Far more adventurous than anyone I know. Way more adventurous than me.

I think I've found Bonnie's voice and humour.

So why was this second book so pun write? I started this back in November's a short story. Hit a complete mental block on how to continue. How to write those hot scenes. How not to sound repetitive and thrown in without story planning.

That's what I've learned is the difference between erotica writing and just writing sex scenes and making a book out of them.

Bonnie and Boris deserve my full attention. They need to be treated as full characters. It wouldn't be fair to just dump them into a bed of bodies and have them go at it. Have them not care about each other, look after each other. Hey, it took me over an hour to figure out Bonnie's name, why then would I just throw her to be devoured...sexually, not literally...well, sorta literally, but not at this writing. 

Is she part of me? Her humour, perhaps. Her opinions, probably closer to me than anything else about her. Her curiosity and daring...we're on different sides of the table there. She may participate more, but I'm sooooo the sideliner. Just cause I can imagine it doesn't mean I want it to happen.

Getting back to how writing this second book was more time consuming. Maybe it's because I had to think of the situation more...where was I going to put Bonnie and Boris...where were they going to take me? 

I can tell you this, they've introduced me to two new friends...Lillian and I just realized that the name I used isn't his name. Nope, he doesn't fit that name now that I think about it.

Oh, and I found Bonnie and Boris' last name...that too will remain quiet for now.

It's true. Writers' characters do talk to us. They do take us on their story more often then we take them on one. It's a matter of listening.

Plus, I think I was simply scared. Could I write another erotic? I think I have, but am waiting on feedback.

In the meantime, story two is done. It's alive.

So, why don't I feel any calmer?