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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Character Take Over: Cassie


Cassie Elizabeth Brown, that’ll be me. Bonnie’s best friend since before, well, ever.


Lawyer. Corporate and pro-bono juvie cases. Lost my brother to the system and swore no siblings would ever be parted again.


Huh? Where what?  Oh…well, to be honest most everywhere. Except for the beach. That was the most uncomfortable feeling ever, never again. And water, pools, lakes, ocean, not very friendly for me.


I’m pretty spontaneous but not when I’m working. There is a time and place for everything and I don’t play games with my work.


Work is my livelihood and allows me the freedom to help kids like my brother. I won’t risk my business for my fun. But I also will not allow my fun to be used to judge who I am.

Yeah, one creep tried to put me down and have the book thrown at my client. He lost – the creep – the client made amends and remained with her family. She’s in college now heading to law school.

Oh and the creep. The last I saw him his ass was getting beat in quite different manner.


Life is too short. I remember the love and affection my parents had before the accident. I was lucky enough to live with my grandparents who also showed their love and affection. My brother tried too hard to fit in and be what others demanded; he lost himself. Then I lost him to a system that sadly isn’t equipped to guide and nurture the kids who need it the most. This is my life and I won’t be defined by someone else’s rules, beliefs, standards or judgement.

Thanks letting me take over, Theadora. 

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