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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Erotic Genre: Am I bad because of what I write?

You write sex stories?
Are these real experiences?

No, I write erotic stories. I write characters within fictional worlds with emotions and yes they have sex. Yes, more sex, more detailed sex than someone being carried up the staircase. Unless, of course, you follow and watch…participate.

No, it’s not porn. My characters and their stories have just as many rules and story arcs and requirements as a story without sex. This isn’t a bored wham, bam, thank you mam.

Real? Seriously? Ah, no. Believe me? No? So, why ask?

Fantasies? See the response above.

What’s with all the gasps and shock when people learn I write detailed sex scenes within the walls of fiction? Funny, I don’t get the same reaction when I say I write horror – except from my mom. She wonders why I can’t write a simple love story.

Mom, I do. Mine just happen to have a lot of sex in it.

Good thing mom has a sense of humour. No, she hasn’t read my stories. Not her genre, besides – ewwww. I don’t want to know if my mom reads erotic, let alone mine. ICK.

Double standard?

Look I’m not a bad person for writing sex. No one is a bad person for reading sex.

As a writer, my imagination just works differently. My ideal character could be the person who will curl your toes and have you screaming with ecstasy with how he/she uses his/her tongue. Burns you with hidden passions you never dreamed were within you. Then turns around and douses you with acid watching your skin burn off while you scream in agony.

Okay, I think I just scared myself.

All right, already, I’m not a bad person cause I write horror either. Yes, mom, I’ll go write that nice sweet innocent romance now.

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