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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

General: Nanowrimo 2015

I guess I’m an erotic author at heart. I’ve managed more words this Nano than in any of the last five years.

Before anyone gets upset with me, of course, I’m an erotic author. It’s what I’m writing and I think it’s pretty good, too.

What I should have said, and will fumble my way through, is writing erotic, I’m writing more seriously. Taking myself as a writer more serious.

I don’t feel like a pretender even though I’m writing under a different name. I want to respect – hope I am – this genre, its authors and readers.

Nano is the kick in the pants for me to get Bonnie and Boris down on paper – in the computer – and out to you. I think you’ll enjoy them. I find them funny – maybe more who I wish I was, in the sense of confidence. To be and do whatever without stressing over what it is I’m doing. And, no, not their sexual lives. The core of the characters that’s what I wish I had more of.

Ah, I think I’ll stop that line of conversation, no matter how much I try to say it’ll still be read – I want to be Bonnie and her sex life. Which I don’t, I just like writing it.

Nano’s a strange beast. Writing 1,667 words every day. Sure, authors should, can, do write more each day in their normal work life. But there’s something nutty about feeling the force of “must write 1,667 words today.” The need to reach 50,000 by November 30th.

Or is it about knowing at that very second there are numerous authors all writing as you are. The proof you are not alone in your creative insanity.

For whatever reason, this year everything is falling into place. Who knows maybe in December my other writer name will get 50,000 words written. Then in November 2016 I can write beside myself and dual with myself.

Talk about multiple personalities, hearing voices in the head.

Yes, I’m a writer and yes, I’m just a tad nutty.

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