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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Re-introducing Theadora Mitchell

With everything, as we learn more, become comfortable with decisions, we do more and we do it better.

I started writing about Bonnie and Boris as a dare to myself and a quiet challenge to those who know me. The me behind Theadora Mitchell. I know who know who I am and I can only guess at those who think they know, but I picked a pseudonym simply for the freedom it offers. A freedom away from the definition I and everyone around me have placed on my being.

Theadora Mitchell is a combination of names; names I’m confident no one expects who these non-immediate people are to me. Thea’s a protective barrier between the audience she’ll find and the audience I hope my other writings will find. The audiences may be one and the same; however, their needs differ as much as my writing does. And when those readers, who do not fit Theadora, look for my other work, well, they won’t have to worry about what they’ll find in the books. A freedom for me; a safety net for my readers.

No, I do not write smut or porn. No, Bonnie and Boris are not about me and mine or any fantasy of either. They are a fictional couple who fit together. Who are written as a loving, caring, trusting couple who are free to explore and play in my imagination. I’m not na├»ve in that I’ve never seen an adult magazine or movie…please is sex supposed to be that boring? I’ve watched documentaries on human nature and self-discovery and exploration. The psyche behind the individual is fascinating whether it’s a mass murder or a dominatrix and her submissive.

Am I writing literary erotic…ahhh, yeah, nope. I hope I’m writing steamy heat with humour…let’s face it sex can be pretty funny. We’ve all got some type of jiggly part, make some strange noise that only makes an appearance when ____ and _____ or _____ happens. And I’m sure when it comes to the other people who live with us at times, no one wants to be caught in any position making any noises that would cause blushing should we be seen/heard or have to explain when asked if we heard/seen anything strange the night before.

Hmm, this was supposed to be me re-introducing my characters to you, but as with free writing it took a turn on its own (hence having to change the title). I’ll close today with letting you know that while Bonnie and Boris’ Bedtime Stories: Gift Giving Done Right is still available, it is going through a revamping. My publisher and I have decided to go with a few bundles of B&B’s short stories instead of individual shorts. So, I’m tweaking and writing new playtimes for these two characters, a year’s tale of fun. They’ve actually turned me into a plotter writer, a new experience.

I hope you’ll tune in again each Tuesday as I try my best to bring something interesting, something new about my writing, share my journey as I learn more about writing erotic/erotica. Till then…toodles.

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