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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

General: How did Nano go?

Well, I typed more than I have ever done this year than previous years. I managed just over 30,000 and finished the first seasonal bundle of stories for December - March and started into April - August. Just needing to finish July and August for that bundle.

I’m happy with the volume I was able to produce, but must admit I didn’t turn off my internal editor. I found myself editing the lines during the typing process and making sure the storylines were making sense. Whether it was because I was working with my publisher to get these stories done or because I was writing under a different persona...maybe it was due to actually having a story idea or that they were short stories I was writing...I didn’t find my self-editing too distracting or argumentative.

I must admit writing one erotic story after another was starting to wear on me. I was getting a little tired of the genre and setting the flow of scene and story to match. I need to get back and finish, but life tossed in a surprise which tossed me out of the writing for a couple of days. I could have forced myself back in, but mentally I skipped out. The lack of reaching 50,000 was more mental-done-in than critical editor.

Will I attempt again next year? I don’t know. I enjoy the people in our region. I like the idea of the challenge, but I don’t think Nano is for me no matter the persona.

I have ideas for a set of short stories under my real name and because I’ve written as Theadora, I believe she’s shown me the method I need to use to get those written. In other words, by wearing a different persona, I’ve had my eyes open to lessons I thought I knew.

Who knows, depending on how the next eleven months go maybe I’ll attempt Nano under both my writing names. This year I’ve finally learned that I can prepare for Nano...semi-plotter now. I can reach the daily writing goals. Writing short stories eases the mental pressure. And my internal editor isn’t such an enemy after all.

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