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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Reviews: Introduction

My aim has been a new blog every Tuesday which makes for four a month, simple right? What happens on that rare fifth Tuesday in a month? Well, since every author wishes for reviews…both happily and stressfully…I thought why not review our genre.

I admit this is a little scary for me. I’m used to reviewing every other genre, but never touched our genre. There is the sex element. What makes me comfortable and uncomfortable, keeping any and all judgement out of the review. Learning the different levels of our genre, the different appetites.

I don’t read our genre as much as I read other ones. I do; however, know what makes a strong story. What works and what doesn’t in the telling of a tale. Believable characters and what makes them cardboard.

More importantly, I respect the genre and the authors who write it.

Hope you take a chance on me.

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