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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Bonnie

The character Bonnie is an escape. She speaks what I hold back. Is confident where I’m not and daring where I wish I was…well, not in some areas. Her sexual freedom is complete fiction written for those who enjoy reading erotic/erotica.

I wanted my female lead to be someone in control, but not controlling as in overpowering. There’s little that will phase her or cause her to doubt herself or Boris. The insecurity and uncertainty which lives in us all was something I didn’t want in my erotic characters. They’re based on the general feel I’ve taken from watching documentaries on people who swing, share their wives/husbands. These stories are strong…I hope…in Bonnie’s sexual life which is separate from her day-to-day lives.

My plan for Bonnie is one where she will “play” with those she considers close and trustworthy friends. Beyond that she is not one to randomly have sex with someone simply because it will feel good. I’ve taken the stand with Bonnie and Boris that they’re sexually open, but have more personal rules than some who play a wider field. No, judgement is not being passed.

When creating characters a writer needs to know and set the boundaries, rules, beliefs for that character. It’s how we learn who we are writing and how they will interact with others in the story. How the story will make them behave, react. Even then they’ll take us in directions we don’t anticipate.

Bonnie’s a mother because I’m a mother. I know her feelings for her children because of my own. I wanted to share this aspect to my possible readers, let alone the fun of balancing being a sexual partner, being, with children and their surprises. I didn’t know how many children, daughters or sons, ages, this all came about as the stories were being written. So did the pets…both children and animals had no names, no descriptions for the first book and not much until writing the second.

For some strange reason Bonnie’s parents are deceased. I don’t know why, maybe I didn’t want to deal with writing about parents whose daughter is having wild sex?

I tried to find a name which didn’t match anyone I knew. One that didn’t belong to anyone I had an impression about. Well, it wasn’t until well after book one was written and near published that I realized I did know a person called, Bonnie. If you ever guess…or know who I am…my fictional Bonnie is completely that – fictional.

This is about it for introducing Bonnie. I’m sure there will be more to share as the stories develop and I get to know Bonnie. That’s the best part of creating a character, they grow and really do take on a life of their own.

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