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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Character Take Over: Peter


Peter Dirgule, married to Mistress Patrice, business acquaintance of Boris Schitz. Friend to Bonnie Schitz and Cassie Brown.


As in what do I do? Business or pleasure? Family, I do not talk about. For the purpose of this communication, I am the willing partner of Mistress Patrice and those of our intimate circle of friends.


Within the safety of our intimate circle of friends and like-minded individuals.


As life allows.


At this moment I choose not to share. When appropriate I will. Be assured my activities are by mutual consent.


I’m sure you don’t mean the “how” physically, but more the “how” as in life choices. How…because I have faith in those I bring into my life. Trust is given then earned. I am protective of those I hold close. This is why I have been perceived as a cold SOB. I leave it up to others to share what I am to them. Their perception of me.

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