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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Mistress Patrice

I never intended to keep Patrice, she was supposed to be a one story element. Someone to titillate the reader and Bonnie. Patrice was supposed to give a peek into what is considered a darker aspect of human sexuality. Peek, not a full on trip and dissection of something that deserves more respect than it is given. Patrice was also added for the peek, voyeurism nature which makes us all take that second…third…look.

I’m now seeing Patrice as the flip side to Cassie – two sides of the same coin. Women who are free of worry in order to explore their sexuality.

Too deep for erotica?

Sure, some will say yes or maybe, but I’ll disagree. What I’m finding is it’s this depth to human nature that intrigues me to write the erotic genre. Which also means searching out those authors who take care in researching their storylines.

This is also what I see as the difference between our genre and porn. Erotic stories need characters who are connected. Stories with more than just sex.

Patrice is a woman who needs control. Why? Why did she become a therapist and change to a sexually based therapy? Is there something in her background – something I don’t even know yet – which drives her?

What is her relationship with husband Peter? My feel of this relationship, and I hope it comes across, is she is the alpha.

One thing I do know about humans is sometimes the strongest person doesn’t need to be the one in control – the lead. A confident alpha can follow when required.

I know I’m the writer, but all this makes me even more interested in who these two are and where they’ll take me.

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