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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Erotic Genre: Is it all in the mind

Our minds have always filled in the blanks whenever we’ve seen a man carry a woman up the stairs to the closed bedroom door. We know what happened under the covers between the twin beds. We know what steamed windows mean.

Which is why some may ask why do we need graphic sex scenes in books or movies? We know what’s happening, no need to read/see it…right?

Not exactly.

Erotic stories are written for their sex scenes. They’re not romance, paranormal, mystery, historical, whatever genre stories with added scenes. Erotic writing is about the sex. The story circles in and around the heat. They’re also about the people who explore this part of human nature.

My own Bonnie and Boris Bedtime Stories were written for the erotic aspects. Yes, I needed solid characters, meaning they have backgrounds and lives outside of just the horizontal mamba. Each story needed a plot, story, around the “act” whether leading to it or being about it or ending with it.

Let alone erotic readings do play on people’s minds leading to more realistic heat ;)

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