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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Erotic Genre: How real can/should you be?

Sex with a ghost isn’t very real – unless you truly believe.

Sex with a werewolf? Vampire? Okay, way stranger images are coming to mind now.

I’m thinking the nitty-gritty. Basic human beings. How real should the sex be?


Is the erotic audience ready for the turn-on, fantasy, reality, escape, wishful thinking and/or do they want it down and real?

How is real – sexy? Is the mundane ever sexy? Do we secretly want our erotic read to be relatable as we pretend to friends it’s really fantasy we’re after?

Does this mean we can feel rejected by a book’s hot lover just because we think we’re inadequate? Do beautifully perfect people scare us – maybe they want us?

The truth is, as it is for all writing, be real to the story you’re telling, nothing less or nothing much more is ever needed. 

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