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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing the Children

Why write erotic and have the characters have children? Isn’t bringing in children counterproductive to a sex-filled story – an eww factor?

In my youth there was a talk/variety show that once had a relationship expert on. The show actually put up a warning and had the teen guest leave the set – ahh the 70s. Anyhoo, this expert said something that has stuck with me – we are free and easy before marriage because we really have no role model on how to date. How to romance during this time.

But, once we are married we end up following our parental role models. If we don’t witness them acting romantic or loving – not sexual – we start behaving as if this non-behaviour is normal and expected. Hence the belief marriage kills romance; kills the sex.

Which is one reason I wanted my couple to be the normal family. A couple making time for each other and being interrupted by the kids. Having to juggle the embarrassing moments those of us with kids have probably all experienced.

There’s also the idea of these children growing and finding their parents have had an interesting sex/love life. That the people around them have meant so much more. Seeing our parents as human is always one of the breakthroughs which startle us the most.

Too much for short sexy stories? Maybe, but this is what makes writing fun – exploring human nature.

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