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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Character Take Over: Mistress Patrice


I’m known by many as Mistress Patrice. Intimately and as their teacher. And professionally. Some of you may giggle at that thought, but there are those who do not fit the standard therapy methods. These individuals require the discipline I allow and give. It is not all about sex and orgasm.

I am also a business woman.

Personally? I trust Bonnie and Boris to show who I am, in their eyes.


I am a trained professional. I have my medical degree and as Mistress Patrice I have found where I am best served. For me and my clients. There is proof in the saying – doctor heal thyself. To know one’s self is the first step anyone can take.

I design and own Silk and Satin’s Leathers and Tethers. Our slogan…toys for your box. Cliché, I know.


My practice is private. Referrals only. My play is amongst those I trust and who trust me. We do not advertise.


Business hours are determined by need. Entertaining, our dinner and a show, isn’t as often as you think. Neither are our retreats. There is something to, too much of a good thing. Privately, I enjoy the moments as they come.


Conventional doesn’t suit everyone. This is who I am. It has taken too much of my life not to accept who I am. I have found my niche in life. Very few know my story.


Training. School. Studying. And therapy to understand myself. Acceptance of self. Learning to trust and to receive trust.

Thank you, Bonnie…Boris…Miss Theadora.

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