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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Reviews: There are limits

When I started thinking about reviewing our genre I knew I had to research a bit more on what all counts as erotic/erotica. The sub-categories are too numerous and some are completely beyond my comfort zone…way out of my comfort zone. Almost to the point where I know I’m judging others and their writing/reading and maybe practising choices.

Writing Bonnie and Boris, I am exploring threesomes, female/female, a dominatrix, and swinging, plus voyeurism. Areas I’ve never experienced, don’t really want to experience, but the mindset, and naturalness, are interesting to me. I’ve watched documentaries and have researched after seeing some on mainstream television (think CSI and their dominatrix storyline).

After checking online for guidelines, well, I’ve been shocked. There are some choices that I just can’t go anywhere near. And I’m not talking character age…I don’t care who the writer is or what the storyline is, no character should ever be under eighteen when talking our genre. Personally, I’d rather characters well into their twenties and older. Judging? Call it what you want, that line is firmly and legally drawn as far as I’m concerned.

All this leads me to realizing I need to think more on reviewing our genre. Being clear as to what I’ll accept and whether I’ll write the review should something come up in the story that goes against my comfort zone.



No and no.

Being clear and precise at the beginning will save us all a lot of confusion and arguing later.

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