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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

General: Faces

We all want to be recognized. No one wants to be the unseen in the crowd. Well, maybe if you’re always seen you might like to be the faceless one every so often.

To stay in the shadows feels lost and alone. Unwanted. Neglected.

So why an earring for my face?

For the escape.

Haven’t you ever wanted to keep driving and drive away from your normal life? Get on a plane and go without anyone knowing? Drop the every day and start new?

I’m not saying my normal life is one I want to give up. Not for all the money in the world. But, it is fun to put on the earring face and not have to deal with my norm. A face to escape to…with.

Recently, I had to decide if I wanted to keep my second face or claim my own. A certain social media home claimed I wasn’t who I said I was. In order to prove this, I had to claim those friends I have on that site.

Hmm, was I proving I was real or that they are?

As you can tell, I obviously chose my earring face. Why?

Because that is still me. Just as my fears have their image, so does my erotic writer and they live with the woman who mothers most all she claims. One day the middle grade writer will show her face right alongside the nightmare making sleuth writer.

Our faces are all ours. The persona behind just differs.

Don’t forget to put your face on.

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