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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

General: Balancing time

Once more time has gotten away from me. I’m late writing this and haven’t been present online in a week, maybe a little longer?

It’s not because I don’t want to connect with everyone. Not that I don’t care. Sometimes I think I care too much because I worry about not maintaining the demands I’ve put on myself.

That’s probably the same for most of us – self demands. We want to get so much done we forget why we started any of “this” in the first place.

People will tell us we don’t manage our time well. Go and make a to do list or a schedule. Juggle a little at a time. Touch something once and finish it then and there. Do their minds really work that way? Mine doesn’t.

I need a moment to slow and sit in the groove of what I’m trying to do. Putting any time limit just tosses me back into school mode and those blasted tests I would scramble through.

Even now I just remembered I need to set an alarm so I don’t forget something.

Balancing time – I keep trying, but sometimes I think it’s trying to balance me.

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