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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Erotic Genre: Getting into the right mindset

Almost like I’m talking time balancing again. And, maybe it’s just me but I can’t just walk into my erotic story and start writing. Even writing these postings I need to put on my Thea persona and do that “become” her bit. Again, maybe this is all just me and I’m making too much out of it. Making the writing more difficult than it needs to be.

The one thing I really need for writing erotica is quiet and no one bugging me. It’s awkward writing a sex scene and have your family walk in on you. Talk about killing the mood.

Does it get easier?

I think I might have burnt myself out writing too much of Bonnie and Boris during Nano. I overdosed on sex.

How lame is it to say I’m not in the mood? The truth may be closer to me just being afraid I might actually succeed and then what?

Sorry, my Thea hat slipped and my own self took over there. Time to say toodles just for now.

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