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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Visiting Bonnie and Boris: Introducing Peter

It’s probably a cop-out saying I don’t know who Peter is, but I don’t. He came into the story simply as a serving platter. He was going to be Patrice’s side dish – a toss-away. Then her docile husband.


I’m not too sure.

He’s beginning to stand up and letting himself be known. He’s becoming Boris’ friend, business-friend. Dare I say…buddy? He’s sounding quiet, steady, confident, someone in total control. I don’t believe he’s arrogant or has an inflated ego, but there’s some power within in him. He’s not a controller or Master, but the term protector doesn’t fit either. That one is more who Boris is, a protector.

Peter is…isn’t remaining a serving platter.

He’s become interesting.

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