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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Reviews: Scared

Great topic, right? I ended last week on fear and move directly into being scared here about reviewing. Difference here is maybe I should say more nervous than scared. Nervous in what I might read.

Hey, I know it’ll be erotic, but what if it’s beyond what I can handle comfortably? Too graphic or too out of my heat level?

What if it’s boring?

Am I reviewing the story or the heat? Do I review them separately or as a whole product?

  • Story – great
  • Sex scenes – dead

  • Sex scenes – Whoa! Cold shower time.
  • Story – mediocre

Suddenly I feel like I’m an Olympic judge holding up a score card:

  • Sex – 9.1
  • Story – 7
  • Overall – 16.1

How do I want my stories reviewed? Damn! I want reviewers to like both.

The story and characters and that I can write a good story. But, yeah I want them to think my hot scenes are just that hot – at least compared to those of similar heat.

Plus, I want them to laugh where there’s humour and not at the points I didn’t mean to be funny.

Who said this was easy?

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